Saba Hameed
Pakistani actress Saba Hameed
Saba works for Pakistan Television and other private Tv channels. She often appears in Dramas, Long Plays, TV Shows, Comedy Shows, sitcoms and talk shows. She had several great performance on PTV, She proved her versatility in “Family Front” by giving a great comic perfor
Last Updated: 03 July 2012 16:11 PM

Uzma Gillani
Best Pakistani Female TV Actors
Uzma Gillani is arguably one of the finest artists produced by Pakistan Television and is compared to Meryl Streep in her versatility as an actor.Uzma Gillani, is somewhere in her mid 60s but as can be seen in a recent picture above, her face has hardly any lines. The area under her eyes is also very smooth. Uzma Gillani is a versatile actress. She has an unmatched talent of acting she was born with. She is natural, spontaneous and talented enough to manage any kind of role that she is offered. She is one o
Last Updated: 03 July 2012 15:29 PM

Arifa Siddique
Pakistani Television Dramas and TV Shows
Arifa Siddiqui is a Pakistani TV actress, She has worked in a number of TV Dramas in Pakistan Specially in PTV Drama. She has been working in TV since her childhood. She started her career as child artist and got fame early. According to my knowledge she is not appearing in TV serials in these days.
Last Updated: 03 July 2012 12:51 PM

Maryam Nawaz Sharif
Pakistani female politician and leader of PML (N).
Maryam Nawaz Sharif, born October 28, 1973) is a Pakistani female politician, and leader of PML (N). It belongs to the family of Sharif in Pakistan. A grandson of Mian Muhammad Sharif, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist. She is the daughter of former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the daughter of the sister of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and the wife of Captain Muhammad Safdar (R), and all three men who hold prominent positions in political circles in Pakistan.
Last Updated: 02 July 2012 15:02 PM

Akbar Khan Bugti
President Jamhoori Watan Party
Nawab Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti (July 12, 1927–August 26, 2006) was the Tumandar (head) of the Bugti tribe of the Baluch, and had served as governor of the restive Balochistan Province in Pakistan. An Oxford-educated man in a land of widespread illiteracy, he was a towering personality in the Baloch politics for more than five decades.After an armed struggle started in Balochistan in 2004, Bugti was widely perceived as the leader, going underground in 2005. On August 26, 2006, after several attempts in the
Last Updated: 02 July 2012 14:32 PM

Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada
Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister & Senior Advocate, Supreme Court .
Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada a direct descendant of Shaikh Burhanuddin Raz-i-Ilahi of the Shattar order in Burhanpur, who had, amongst others, Emperor Aurangzeb as his disciple, Barrister-at-Law and a graduate in Law from Bombay University in 1945, Senior Advocate Supreme Court, is widely regarded as Pakistan's leading jurist and constitutional expert, playing a key role in constitutional continuity across several military coups. He is also considered an authority on the Pakistan independence movement.
Last Updated: 02 July 2012 12:44 PM

Waqt News Anchor
Ehtisham-ur-Reman is a news anchor at Waqt news Lahore head office. He has been working with Waqt news since January 2008. Ehtisham started his journalistic career from sub editor in 2000 from a news agency; during his career he tasted all flavors of news gathering e.g. Reporting, production and finally his dream job as news anchor.
Last Updated: 01 July 2012 15:23 PM

Faisal Rehman Malik
Waqt News Anchor
Faisal Rehman Malik started his career from Indus Television Network way back in 2001. Being an anchor person he has hosted over 2000 talk shows on almost all the issues ranging from politics, business, sports, social and international in English as well as Urdu language. Faisal has not only read but also scripted the business news segment in Indus News and in PTV (introduced the business news and the business talk shows).
Last Updated: 01 July 2012 14:58 PM

Mujeeb Alam
Pakistani Singers and Bands
Born in Kanpur in India on September 2, 1948, Mujeeb Alam started his film career in 1967 as a playback singer in the film Chakori. This was also the debut of Nadeem. Alam went on to become one of the most successful singers in Pakistan. Alam sang around 750 songs. He learnt singing from Bangladeshi musician Karim Shahabuddin. The song that brought him overnight fame was 'Wo meray samnay tasweer banay baithay hain' of the film Chakori for which Alam won the Nigar Awar. Chakori was the most famous film of Pa
Last Updated: 01 July 2012 14:35 PM

Dr. Nafis Sadik
Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund
Dr. Nafis Sadik served as Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with the rank of Under-Secretary-General, from 1987 through 2000.On her appointment in 1987, she became the first woman to head one of the United Nations' major voluntarily-funded programmes. Dr. Sadik has consistently called attention to the importance of addressing the needs of women, and of involving women directly in making and carrying out development policy. This is particularly important for population polici
Last Updated: 30 June 2012 14:40 PM

Ali Moeen Nawazish
Student Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, Brand ambassador for Mobilink
Nawazish was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and lived most of his life there. Both of his parents work as doctors.He studied at St Mary's Academy and Roots School System during his General Certificate of Education.Nawazish claims to be an ordinary student whose academic performance oscillated as a child; he sometimes barely passed. He edited the school magazine. He plays the guitar and piano, and played for a musical band. He is a practicing Muslim.
Last Updated: 29 June 2012 16:42 PM

Annie Khalid
Pakistani pop singer
Annie is a Pakistani pop singer. Her debut album was Princess , which became the major cause of her fame. She won various awards like the Most Wanted Song, Most Wanted Female 2006 & 2008 The Music Awards and many more She also sang the remixed version of Mahiya in an Indian film Awarapun .After the immense success of Mahiya , Annie started functioning with different charities, to raise awareness for education and health
Last Updated: 28 June 2012 16:07 PM

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